Pykiosk - Touch screen info kiosk

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The Kiosk projekt aims to provide Software suitable for touch screen based information terminals that get their contents via http.

This is done by embedding the mozilla rendering engine into a self-made gtk fullscreen window. However, this is not "yet another mozilla based browser", it is very specialized for the info terminal environment, e. G. it provides its own on-screen keyboard emulation for touch screen uses, and parts of development for a new skin that enlarges mozilla's scroll bars and other embedded elements is done.

As it depends on Mark Crichton's pygme that needs a patch applied on mozillas libgtkmozembed, and this patch doesn't get it into the "official" mozilla distribution for unknown reason (see, the Project currently is in the state of "working demo, proof of concept" with Mozilla 1.0. I'll do some cleanup, and then upload the existing CVS repository via Request. The first thing that needs to be done then is to clear it up, and update it to Mozilla 1.2.

See the README file from CVS for more information, or feel free to contact me.

The Projekt is written in Python, and was started at the University of Ulm. As my contract there ended, I got the permission to release it under (L)GPL, and now mainain it as a sourceforge project.

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